What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a concept used to express how organizations can build and develop automatized business processes and recurrent activities using automation technologies. Hyperautomation is next-level automation developed to address many business process challenges faced by enterprises today, such as regulation and risk management, quality control, cost reduction, and data security.

What is Hyperautomation?

Gartner defines hyperautomation as the organization’s capability to deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes.

According to Gartner the market for hyperautomation technology such as Robotic Process Automation, low-code application platforms, AI, and virtual assistants is expected to grow by $596 billion next year.

These types of automation tools enable organizations to reduce operational expenses while ensuring operational excellence in their own business processes.

What is Hyperautomation

What is Hyperautomation

How does hyperautomation work?

Some of the technologies and concepts that are included in the hyperautomation are:

  1. Automated Workflows: Platforms like Asignet workflow orchestration let you create, adjust and customize the workflows around your business processes. These workflows can be automated and are automatically executed when triggered by defined events or business rules.
  2. Machine Learning: Machine learning algorithms are used to look for patterns and create data models that help to simplify business decisions, open new possibilities like predictive analysis and forecasting, or automate the identification of fraudulent transactions.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence, which is a subset of machine learning, consists of algorithms that are capable of learning from vast amounts of data and generate “intelligent” predictions or decisions, often with a high degree of accuracy.
  4. Low-code application platforms: low code application platforms let organizations generate software applications customized to their business process with none or low programming code skills. Asignet Wayfast platform is used to develop customization on expense management process in days compared to months.
  5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Robotic process automation is an automation platform capable of executing a defined programming code algorithm or user-simulated inputs to automate the execution of low-level digital work and repetitive tasks in an organization.

Hyperautomation for IT and Telecom Expense Management

IT asset management and telecom expense management have been around for several years, but hyperautomation will bring a new world of possibilities.

The vast majority of IT and telecom providers have not yet integrated the hyperautomation concept into their processes, which means that there is still plenty of time for them to be leaders in this area.

Hyperautomation will bring new efficiencies and better insights into how companies are using technology resources across different departments. This will help organizations become more productive by optimizing operations costs and agility by better understanding what’s happening with company spending.

IT managers can find ways to automate many routine tasks without requiring programming skills or knowledge.

With Hyperautomation, you can forget about the complicated tasks on telecom expense management like account payables, invoice reconciliation, contract management, vendor provisioning and de-provisioning, dispute management, and more.

Hyperautomation for Mobility Managed Services

There are several challenges for medium to enterprise-scale businesses that have locations worldwide to manage invoicing, provisioning, and cost allocation for hundreds of accounts. Hyperautomation can help these businesses meet their challenges by providing the mobility tools they need to manage supplier aggregation, commodity pricing, plan optimization, and risk management.

Hyperautomation helps these organizations to improve vendor and equipment agility, data plan efficiency, and inventory management.

Just imagine how powerful it is to have real-time billing analysis done using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which will quickly identify any possible anomalies in vendor invoices and immediately notify and advise the right manager on corrective actions. Hyperautomation brings automation to the entire mobile lifecycle, from device selection under an approved contract in all countries where your organization operates to data plan optimization and provisioning management based on the real usage of each individual.

Hyperautomation for Cloud Services

The rapid growth of cloud tools and services inside most businesses is making MS Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) invoices a regular and important part of CFOs budgets.

Many companies are spending more and more on cloud services, but not all have a clear strategy to manage them. Most organizations don’t know how much they spend or their usage because current tools centralize billing information in one place without correlating it with other data sources such as IT management software or accounting systems. With Hyperautomation, you can measure your expenditure by tracking costs from source to destination through an intelligent workflow engine that manages both operational tasks and regulatory compliance requirements for many IT vendors simultaneously while also integrating seamlessly into existing enterprise applications (such as ERPs).

Hyperautomation helps enterprises make informed decisions about their use of public clouds based on real-time consumption metrics. Asignet platform lets companies track, report, manage, dispute, and optimize their cloud expending.

Hyperautomation for SaaS Licenses

Digital transformation is becoming a reality in global organizations, and all internal departments are using a range of tools (primary SaaS applications) for their business processes. The problem is that the SaaS licensing control and management of these applications is not automated, and as a result, this process requires manual interventions from IT.

Hyperautomation can be used together with machine learning to your advantage bringing automation to the licensing control and making sure that SaaS usage cost does not exceed the department’s budget.

Some of the SaaS platforms you can manage using hyperautomation are Salesforce, Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, MS Teams, Canva, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Basecamp, Mural, etc.

How can Hyperautomation benefit your organization?

The three main benefits of hyperautomation are increased profits, reduced expenses, and ensuring compliance.

Increased profits: Hyperautomation will help you maximize your profits by automating business processes and reducing time spent on low-level digital tasks and work, improving your focus on new business ideas and more profitable customers.

Reduced Expenses: Hyperautomation will help you cut fixed and variable costs related to IT and telecom expenses like mobile data plans, SDWAN migrations, VoIP bandwidth, SaaS Licenses, and Cloud service providers. Also, your IT administration will be impacted, reducing the need for redundant processes or manual work that is costly to maintain.

Ensuring Compliance: Hyperautomation can cope with regulatory compliance requirements and can be used in cybersecurity, data protection, contract management, vendor invoice approval, financial rules, and retention policies.

Digital transformation is a reality, and your organization can be ready for it by using Hyperautomation.

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In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, organizations need to be hyper-efficient and fast or risk falling behind. Hyperautomation is the next frontier in IT automation, enhancing efficiency by reducing manual tasks and increasing productivity.

Hyperautomation can also enable faster deployment of new capabilities without compromising security standards while ensuring compliance at every step along the way. Asignet offers a unique platform and services for all your IT and telecom expenses needs – from TEM and MMS solutions to SaaS and Cloud expense management – so that you never have to worry about managing different vendors again!

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