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Claudio Lopez Silva
Claudio Lopez SilvaCEO - Founder
Jason Koenigsberg
Jason KoenigsbergManaging Director
Valentín BahamondeCOO
Paul Pfeil
Paul Pfeil VP Customer Satisfaction
Martín Lázzaro
Martín LázzaroCTO

Our Company

The dynamics of today’s businesses demand solutions that fit their needs and solve increasingly complex problems pertaining to administration and integration in order to allow them to make effective business decisions.

Over 20 years, Asignet has developed diverse, innovative solutions, many of them patented, which are aimed at solving issues of IT process management.

To meet growing demand, Asignet based its success on developing a series of tools with which it can address application development, business processes, and the integration of diverse technological and software platforms, both modern and legacy.

Asignet is a constant in guaranteeing the quality of services and in protecting its customers’ investments in innovative technology; it has certified some of its key processes through standards or entities that reflect the quality of the products and services of our company.

In each solution, Asignet provides best practices acquired from successful implementation in large companies, which are representative of issues in IT management.