Information Security Policy

Asignet’s Information Security Policy

Asignet network is an important resource to achieve our business objectives. Critical assets like databases, customer’s data and employees private information are areas that need to be protected against intrusion and unauthorized use and/or distribution. Information systems must be configured and updated periodically to avoid intrusion and other malicious activities.

Likewise, Asignet’s management undertakes to determine and ensure the necessary competence of the people under its control who carry out work that affects the organization’s information security performance, based on adequate education, training and/or experience.

In compliance with the above, and in order to provide a frame of reference for the establishment and fulfillment of our commercial objectives, the continuous improvement in our business management and the commitment to meet the requirements of our clients, we at Asignet decided to carry out our activities within the framework of an Information Security Management System.

Claudio López Silva

Rev. 1.0