The Future of IT Expense Management

Asignet’s proprietary cloud-based aPaaS platform, provides the architectural backbone of a set of highly flexible solutions which are currently backed by 11 global patents, delivering a single comprehensive platform which seamlessly and dynamically tie all aspects of IT assets, usage and cost into one holistic view.


With a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of Managed Services and control capabilities, Asignet, through its Wayfast platform and native RPA processes, can provide a layer of audit, visibility, BI, and savings through its capability to integrate and analyze disparate data.

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Why Asignet?

Enterprise Ready

Asignet has built and deployed thousands of automated workflows executing a very wide variety of actions for our clients in all verticals globally. Our capability to dive as deeply into ITAM, ITEM, cloud, traditional fixed and all mobility type services and devices, puts Asignet in the unique position to address specific client requirements in a highly customized manner.

Global Experience

Reduce costs through the flexibility, integration, and configuration capabilities that re-defines the ability to collect, process, analyze, react, respond and report on any data point, from any platform, in any format and present that all in a single holistic management view.


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Global Patents


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    Cases Studies

    Banking Company

    Very large global financial institution with over 11,000 branches globally and almost 200,000 employees. Focused on global expansion...

    Broadcast Company

    Mid-sized middle east based multi-media company that provides direct broadcast media and internet services to consumers and businesses...