Why do you need a RPA solution?

As the saying goes: time is money.
But, What if I told you that time can also be acquired?

We have become used to looking at a destination route in an app instead of using a physical map. Why? It is easier, it is faster and above all, it is safer.

If we really entrust different aspects of our daily lives to applications, why not trust some of our work? Technological advances have led us to perfect ourselves in the art of formulas, in understanding parameters to devise indicators that tell us where the deviations or outstanding points are in our organizations.

How much time have we spent analyzing bills, waiting for our money to be used as it should? How much time have we spent sitting looking at a spreadsheet or dashboard? Let’s not minimize the importance of analyzing them, they are very helpful tools, but we must start thinking about automating important decision-making and thus anticipating possible problems that may arise.

Why so many comparisons? Perhaps this is the way to understand our time can be better used. We have lost hours and hours and it’s time to get it back a little.


Our main goal is to align your IT objectives with your business. Asignet’s architectural backbone is supported by 11 global patents that provide a dynamical platform for all aspects of IT assets. Along with Wayfast we can integrate with any other application and you will be able to create workflows with almost zero lines of code.

Our technologies allow the user not only to have access to all the information necessary for its correct control, dashboards and others, but we can also delegate tasks to itself. You must be wondering about the way this tech works: Robotic Process Automation or RPA is an application of technology, governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating business processes.

It’s a software that can be programmed to do repetitive and high-volume tasks performed by humans, across applications. Along with Artificial Intelligence, these tasks are completed with higher speed and accuracy.

The use of this tool allows access to the company’s sensitive information for its subsequent analysis and decision-making.RPA will adapt to the needs of each particular consumer and will be able to choose the way forward according to the parameters that we need. And now we start to think, how far the work of this artificial intelligence can go. Some examples:

  • Mobile Inventory control and user assignment? YES
  • Invoice processing payments / chargebacks? YES
  • Manage our IT assets such as Routers, Gateways, OS, Software licenses, servers? YES!

A study by NASA titled — Human Reliability and the Cost of Doing Business observes: Human error is responsible for 60%-80% of risks in high-risk industries.”

The program follows predefined rules and parameters. Unlike handmade analyzes, these rules will ensure that there are neither errors nor omitted data in your results. Unlike other choices, Asignet’s patented RPA Engine refers to software that can be programmed to do tasks across applications, just the way human workers do.

This robotization helps lowering costs in our structure. We not only save time in the long run, but we also aim for a simple, adaptable setup that works for both simple and complex scenarios.

 “I’m not familiarized with programming codes, I rather prefer something I can control by myself…” 

The way to overcome current barriers is by entering new technological fields. You don’t need to be a programming expert, our low-code development platforms allow full integration with your system. Sure, there are other available options that you can hire to process and find data results about your company, however, we encourage people to enter a whole new era in the data revolution.

It’s not something only we just believe in, Forbes magazine has provided key reasons why low-code is beneficial for your developments.

Low-code development will lower the barrier to entry, cost, and time to deployment. You no longer need expert coders for full development”
John OhlwilerSentry Technology Solutions 

Low-code app development is lowering the barrier to entry for innovation.”
Marc FischerDogtown Media LLC

Low-code development bridges the gap between IT and business teams so that both can solve real issues that impact the company”
Ryan ChanUpKeep Maintenance Management

Please, feel free to visit “14 Benefits Of Low-Code App Development That Tech Pros Love” to read the full article.

We’ll provide you with TEM, Mobility Managed Services, IT assets management, and UCaaS (Unified Communication Management). Our competitive advantage lies in:

  • The use of Wayfast, our low-code development to guarantee integration;
  • The RPA engine will be at your disposal to achieve the desired automation;
  • Parser automation tool in order to map any invoice in any format with no coding;
  • Graphical  environment prototyping engine with automated testing tools in order to perform multi development environments;

Cloud and Integration to the physical network: Asignet’s integrated Cloud/IT asset management (ITAM) automates discovery & collection of inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository inventory (CMDB).

Everything will be at your service in order to create a custom, safe and reliable environment to achieve your main goals.

We truly believe that it is not just about understanding where we are standing at the moment, but where we are going from now on.

About Asignet

Asignet is the technology and automation leader of Telcom & IT Lifecycle Expenses Management utilizing its patented RPA Robot process automation platform. The Asignet platform builds and monitors telecom, SaaS, Cloud, IT billing, inventory, and usage, helping global enterprises to optimize, secure, and manage all IT assets and its expenses.

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