Mobility Managed Services

Automate the life cycle of your mobile devices

Asignet Mobile & Cloud Process is the solution

Manage your mobile device with unique technology platform that lets you optimize plans, guarantee accurate billing, and properly use each terminal.

​U​nlike traditional ​Managed Mobility Solutions, Asignet Mobile ​& Cloud Process based on Asignet Process & Automation Driven Technology, is the only solution that allows for combining the service provided by the operator with the user, their identification, and their use and access privileges.

Operating through workflows that are carefully designed for each company​ and every need, Mobile ​& Cloud Process also obtains carrier billing information and compares and contrasts with the service of the user, ​by ​utilizing an exclusive application installed on the mobile device.

Full Cycle Management

Check mobile costs in real time

Based on the best industry practices that Asignet obtained from years of experience in the management of mobile services, Mobile TEM will guarantee that each user has the right plan for their work activities. You can:

  • Complete actions for the device online and in real time (such as blocking or activating roaming or modifying the bandwidth or the amount of data allocated).

  • Properly distribute expenses by cost centers

  • Keep inventories fully up to date

  • Have information on exceptional or suspicious use

  • And finally, it will ensure that services are terminated after the employee ceases employment with your organization

Integrate the user, device, service, and cost

By dynamically interacting with the user and their device, Mobile TEM ensures that each user is assigned the appropriate mobile device and the right service, given their role in the organization.


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