Develop, implement, and manage the life-cycle of your web and mobile applications 10x faster

Wayfast is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution designed to guarantee the full cycle of web applications development and a workflow/BPM product that enables both business users and IT / Telecom staff to maximize their respective skills.

A three essential ingredient tool made of:

Designed for both IT / Telecom and business users


  • Gives business users tools that enable them to create forms and business workflows without any programming skills.
  • IT staff can enhance this initial process version by adding complex integration functions and transforming the web form into a sophisticated web app.
  • Wayfast integrates with any other application either by an SOA interface or a Legacy interface, thanks to its Patented Integration Engine (US PAT 7702773).
  • Wayfast has a prototyping module which helps the user to understand their needs rapidly.
  • Accurate and fast process development.
  • 1/8th development time.
  • 100% definition process traceability.
  • Low implementation costs.
  • Wayfast is simple because you can build your workflows and applications with almost zero lines of code.
  • Wayfast enables you to customize your workflows and create specific reporting based on your IT & Telecom infrastructure business requirements.

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