A topic that is never written about but should be one of the most important requirements for global TEM/MMS deployment and Edge Computing.

No, this is not about where the data is processed this is about who has access to that data based on roles and responsibilities.

This means that today’s TEM/MMS platforms must be extremely sophisticated with unique security and data segregation layers providing the flexibility to segregate and consolidate vast amounts of data—while controlling who can see what—through a sophisticated system of workgroups, organizational rollups, and access levels, combined with field and function level security.

The entire TEM industry is speaking about “Technology Expense Management” and they are 100% correct, and how Edge Computing gets into the picture? Well, IT is moving at a frantic pace and “Digital Transformation” is not just a cool marketing buzz word.

This transformation is accelerating and TEM needs to evolve managing any type of telecom and IT asset, including network infrastructure, UCaaS, mobile devices, software services, and cloud technology.

One specific use case is the crazy growth of edge networking/computing.

What is edge computing?

“It brings memory and computing infrastructure closer to the location where it is needed.”

Is on the rise globally. Gartner predicts that 40% of companies will have their strategy ready by 2021. The number in 2017 was only 1%.

The global cloud market is predicted to reach $565 billion in 2021, among which cloud contributes 20% with a market worth $113 billion. 43% of the IoT will be on the edge network.

What Asignet’s Patented TEM Solution using Robot Automation Provides?

The Asignet “Robot” enables the user through a “Wayfast” created workflow to use PowerShell and Remote Desktop protocol embedded scripts to manage remote servers, cloud, and SaaS (IoT) applications. Because PowerShell Web Access provides a connection that is live security is a serious concern.

The creation of an active real-time CMDB created by the continuous scanning of inventory and configuration allows companies to take full advantage of this automation technology at the same time providing enhanced security through complete traceability. Server provisioning is a perfect example because of the golden image where software and configuration settings remain the same at each new deployment.

This same Robot automation holds true in the provisioning Salesforce licenses, Office 365 licenses, iPhone’s or SIP trunks, etc. Our Robot combined with workflow creation, HR/LDAP integration, and the expert worker creates the true bridge for Telecom Expense Management through RDP.

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