Best IT Asset Management Software & Asset Tracking Software

In the world of IT, managing assets can be a monumental task. A company needs to know where their assets are, who they belong to and what condition they’re in. If you’re spending too much time tracking down your hardware or software, this is a sign that it’s time for an asset management solution.

The purpose behind asset management software is to make it easier for companies, regardless of size or industry, to find and manage all the hardware they have in use. This type of software allows you to automate your device inventory process, set up preventive maintenance schedules, generate reports on license usage compared with available licenses, increase security by controlling which devices are allowed access to certain data centers or networks, etc.

By implementing a good ITAM strategy, you will have visibility into every asset inside the organization. 


  • Data protection strategies
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Improved asset processes


You will also gain higher levels of security through more granular control over who or what has access to your systems – from the device level right up to individual users within a building, department, or group across multiple locations. Also, Improved asset disposal processes can ensure that hardware is disposed of properly once it reaches its end of life – which will also help reduce costs associated with recycling fees.

In short, IT Asset Management Software can be invaluable for any organization looking to improve efficiencies in their day-to-day operations. Many different features come standard with most asset management solutions, but a few options stand out in the market from the rest.


The first option we will explore is Robot4IT. It is a solution designed for both IT/telecom and business users to ensure the entire cycle of IT asset management and a workflow / BPM product that enables business users and IT/Telecom staff to maximize productivity. 

Robot4IT provides business users with tools that bind together the CMDB and IT assets with the business logic, allowing them to create business forms and workflows without programming knowledge. It also has a rapid development (RAD) module that enhances the customization and reporting needs. With ROBOT4IT, not only do you have a very low implementation cost, but it is also a straightforward platform because its hyperautomation capabilities let you can build workflows and applications with almost zero lines of code.


The second option is Spiceworks, a free cloud-based help desk and network monitoring solution designed specifically for systems administrators and IT professionals. Although it is free if you want more advanced features like automated inventory scans and reporting on the health of your devices, it will cost a monthly fee.

The solution helps manage tickets raised by clients, providing customer support via multiple channels and tracking agents’ performance, among others. Support agents can closely monitor every IT incident and track abrupt changes occurring in the network. 

Other features include the ability to create custom fields, asset tags, and locations for your devices. You can also track multiple assets per device with Spiceworks software to get a complete view of all of your information across departments or groups. The software allows you to set reminders for when licenses are running low so that you will never be caught without the software you need.

3.SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk is suitable for companies seeking a help desk solution that offers IT service management (ITSM) functionalities. In addition, it is a cloud-based software offered for an annual subscription.

In the system, users can manage service tickets and company assets. It also works on the go from any smartphone or tablet equipped with a web browser. 

It offers a comprehensive service desk functionality that helps businesses respond to service requests promptly, resulting in improved support. Allows companies to implement a process to navigate the necessary change and clarifies why change is needed and what it will achieve. It also enables a clear and transparent approval process for the change, and controlled change implementation helps avoid service impact. 

4.LANDesk Asset Manager (LDAM)

It provides companies with an advanced, web-based IT asset management solution that is easy to use and includes several features for organizations with hundreds or thousands of machines. For example, the software provides users with detailed reporting, extensive maintenance tasks, powerful inventory scanning tools, and device licensing services.

One important feature we want to mention about this program is its ability to create templates for cataloging different types of devices. So, for example, if you have a lot of laptops and desktops in your inventory, LDAM lets you create templates for each class, so it is easy to enter the information about them as they come into the office or home.

5.ServiceNow Asset Management

ServiceNow Asset Management is suitable for companies that need to track their IT asset life cycles with workflows. It provides practical solutions to the business process by automating the workflows followed by the life cycle process to efficiently utilize resources to mitigate costs, manage assets and inventories, and handle risks. 

6.ManageEngine AssetExplorer

The final program we will review is ManageEngine AssetExplorer. This cloud-based software provides comprehensive reporting, details about your devices, and many critical features for larger organizations.

One of the best features is called device mapping, which allows you to map out all of the different assets in an office or home, so they are easy to keep track of at any time. The software also offers a built-in asset scanner that makes it much easier to keep up with the inventory of your devices.

Another helpful feature we want to mention about this program is pricing and licensing information that helps you track down any software licenses you have purchased but not used in a while. It can save IT, professionals, from wasting money on unused programs and help them stay compliant. 

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