Many companies are not aware of the benefits of managing their Office 365 licenses. Most businesses do not know how many unassigned or inactive licenses they have, and whether they are overspending on licenses that they don’t need. This can lead to increased costs and inefficiency as well as a lack of visibility into all your license data.

Unassigned or inactive Office 365 licenses often go undetected because there is no visibility into the data if it’s managed by an IT department that isn’t fully aware of to whom each license is assigned and if the licenses are still needed.

What’s the best way to do it? By using an appropriate SaaS license management hyperautomation solution that will allow you to monitor, control, and report on all users within each business group or tenant. This can help companies avoid paying for more licenses than they need while also making sure no one is overpaying for a license that they don’t use.

How many Office 365 Licenses are unassigned or inactive?

80% of companies have unassigned or inactive Office 365 licenses, which means they are not being used. This results in overspending on the license subscriptions.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when implementing Office 365 is to purchase more software than they need or not update the status of their current ones to be reused or reassigned.

If a company has over-purchased on office 365 subscriptions, they can sell the excess software back to Microsoft. This is possible due to first right of refusal licensing and also legal obligations.

What are the benefits of using an appropriate Office 365 licenses solution?

It is critical for companies to properly manage their Office 365 licenses, but when it comes to the benefits of using an appropriate Office 365 licenses solution, there are many.

First, companies can save money by better managing their subscriptions and avoiding over-purchasing software they don’t need.

Furthermore, your business will have a more reliable system. According to an article from Cloud Tweaks, “The cloud has changed how companies think about IT infrastructure and support” because it offers better security than other on-premise systems as well as a better reporting system and the ability to share files with others.

Thirdly, companies can avoid spending money on software that they may not even need anymore as well as have a more reliable service thanks to hyperautomation.

Finally, companies can save money and time on IT support because Office 365 is easy to set up using hyperautomation.

How to control costs and gain visibility into Office 365 licenses with hyperautomation?

As companies move to Office 365, managing licenses becomes more complex and difficult. Many organizations are still using Microsoft’s portal for license management but they don’t use other additional services that could help them with this task. This is why hyperautomation in licensing might be exactly what businesses need.

With hyperautomation you can:

Gain Visibility: How many Office 365 licenses are unassigned or inactive? What about overspending on Office 365 licenses? These questions often arise when companies decide to move their services into the cloud. With hyperautomation, you will have total visibility into your licensing so you can always answer these questions easily. You won’t need to worry about reporting because the platform takes care of it all for you and generates custom reports by using pre-defined filters (e.g., users, licenses).

License Management Support: Managing licenses is a time-consuming process and everyone could benefit from an automated solution that will handle it for them. With hyperautomation, you can rest assured your licenses are always up-to-date without any effort on your part because the system takes care of everything automatically. You don’t have to input data, check logs, or make sure everything works properly.

Reduce Costs: Through the use of hyperautomation, you will be able to reduce costs. How? By simply avoiding overspending on Office 365 services. The platform can automatically spot licenses that are not used anymore and put them into quarantine so no one in your company is paying for unused licenses. They won’t expire either because the system keeps an eye on their status and makes sure they won’t be automatically activated again.

Control Costs: Another way hyperautomation helps you control costs is by letting your employees purchase licenses they need without any unnecessary overspending. The platform gives them the option to activate a license for a certain period of time only, so if it’s not needed anymore, then it won’t be automatically activated again. This way, you will avoid paying for licenses that are not used anymore.

Office 365 is a very dynamic environment that requires constant monitoring and management. This makes it harder for companies to keep track of what’s going on, especially when they have an extended number of licenses.

Unused Office 365 licenses can really add up and prove extremely expensive in the long run, so you need to put some measures into place to ensure that you are not overspending on Office 365 licenses.

In order to manage your Office 365 licensing proactively, it’s important for companies to take a deep look into their environment and understand the following things:

– Where do they stand in terms of unused or unassigned licenses?
– What is the status of their Office 365 subscriptions?
– How many licenses or users do they actually have right now in use and what does it cost them to run these services on a monthly basis?

If you want to get the most out of your Microsoft licensing investment, you need to run a solution that helps your business to be more focused on the actual work.

When it comes to staying on top of Office 365 licenses, our services provide a solution that will help simplify your licensing management today.

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