Asignet USA INC, a Managed Service company that has developed an RPA platform for IT and Telecom Lifecycle Management, announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had granted Asignet patent No. 11/840,101 related to Security and Policies for tracking telecom expenses using Robotic Process Automation.

“This new patent grant from the USPTO, together with the other 11 patents already granted, is another major achievement for our company“ stated Claudio López Silva, Chief Executive Officer of Asignet. This patent was awarded on March 26, 2019, and “is another core component in our technology protection strategy, further enhancing and expanding our foundation for global market growth.”

About Asignet 

Asignet is a global TEM, MMS, ITAM and Cloud managed service company, that has developed an innovative platform based around its patented technologies, focused on Telecom and IT Lifecycle Management, allowing global enterprises to optimize, secure, track and manage all their Telecom Expenses and IT assets in one platform.