The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which represents a set of best practices for IT service management defines four primary tasks for a CMDB, and according to this, the four major tasks of configuration management are:

  • Identification of configuration items to be included in the CMDB (Circuit Inventory, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, HR, LDAP, Locations Etc.)

  • Control of data to ensure that it can only be changed by authorized individuals through automation / Workflows (Change Management Process)

  • Status maintenance, which involves ensuring that status of any configuration item (CI) is consistently recorded and updated (Reporting and analytics)

  • Verification, through audit workflows and analytic reporting ensuring the data, is accurate.

When implementing an impactful TEM/MMS, ITAM, UCaaS, and Cloud strategy, the key is to identify an effective, comprehensive process that reduces expenses, increases operational efficiencies, provide integration and minimizes risk.

Some companies opt to acquire more than one tool to achieve these goals, which can result in more confusion and inefficiencies.

Organizations should seek a streamlined TEM/MMS, ITAM, and Cloud solution that has the capability to inventory a broad range of assets within the network infrastructure and organizes the data into a single, connected, extended CMDB.

This approach gives an enterprise the ability to associate the network’s physical layer (Ethernet, Fiber, Broadband, ISDN) with networking devices (routers, switches, PBXs) to gain visibility and control of the inventory database and associated expenses.

All relevant information related to TEM/ITAM/Cloud is tied to corporate financial reporting systems providing the executive with the ability to consider a single portal for a comprehensive view of all deployed assets.

An automated TEM/ITAM/Cloud solution eliminates manual, time-consuming processes and reduces human error. All data is stored in a single connected portal that provides access to financial detail, business analytics, and inventory in an easily accessible and organized format.

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