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How do you know you need TEM?

  • Lost of visibility

If enterprises are struggling to identify what they’re spending, where and why, they probably need a checkup and solution to provide visibility.

  • Disconnected services

Commonly organizations put telecom invoices on a purchase order and pay the invoices as is because the complexity of the invoices is astonishing and failure to pay on time can lead to service interruptions or disconnected services.

This mechanism may give enterprises a reprieve during the payment process, but it also means they aren’t certain if the rates have changed if they’re dealing with third-party charges and if said charges are even accurate, leading to inaccurate records, and piles of support tickets becoming commonplace.

  • High labor costs due to manual work

Telecom and mobility expenses are some of the highest expenses for enterprises and the costs of employees needed to manage this can be just as much as expensive.

Once you factor in managing service issues, support tickets, and additional lines or devices, enterprises may end up paying more in labor costs than telecom and mobility costs. This is a warning sign that an enterprise needs an automated tool so their team can do their job and do it well.

  • Late Fees

If telecom and mobility bills are not being monitored correctly with automation, enterprises are likely overpaying through duplicate charges, overages, third-party costs, contract changes, and they might find that they’re receiving late fees on invoices and still being billed for canceled services.

  • Chargebacks

Misleading chargebacks caused by forgotten bills can set a difference in your expenses annually. This also impacts the difference between a productive day at work and a day when no one gets anything done. If something as simple as a bill is keeping your team from working the way they want to, it’s time to look for a better solution.

Voice & Data TEM connects IT, people, and services with the business

  • Transformation from paper to digital

Using Robotic Process Automation, an effective, comprehensive process that reduces expenses, increases operational efficiencies, provide integration and minimizes risk, leads enterprises into the next generation of invoice processing into a form that allows our Robot to read invoices without

  • Centralized platform

The creation of an active real-time CMDB created by the continuous scanning of inventory and configuration allows companies to take full advantage of this TEM technology at the same time providing enhanced security through complete traceability.

  • Customized platform

Manage the complete telecom lifecycle from procurement to billing, automate invoices and validate with contracts, make strategic telecom decisions based on usage, expenses, and inventory, eliminate service interruptions and disconnects, create a centralized view of billing, analyze spend trends and improve forecasting and generate custom reports

  • Understanding assets

Have reliable accurate information about how much you spend on telecom, making it easy to bid out services and easily report how much your organization spends on telecom services and costs by location, by workgroup, by individual.

  • Workflows

Our patented technology enables customized workflow processes that will automate the provisioning and MACD activities in a fraction of the time of any other solution and will feed updated information to CMDB improving access to information and streamlining order desk activities, including the provisioning of accounts for new users and de-provisioning accounts for deactivated users, and synchronizing user attributes across multiple directories automatically.

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