Robotic Process Automation

In a nutshell, RPA refers to software that can be programmed to do tasks across applications, just the way human workers do.

Asignet’s patented technology automates the entire business process for TEM, MMS, Cloud, and ITAM.

What does it do?

  • Executes automated actions created through workflows.
  • Works with service platforms, applications, devices, web service portals.
  • Support SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) standards and ones that do not support SOA standards.
  • Track and registrars any move add or changes to all assets tracked by Asignet.
  • Works as our discovery tool, building the extended CMBD and tracking any changes to the CMDB.
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, AXL, SOAP, IBM390, SNMP, Web Services, Power Shell, WMI, etc.

A look inside the Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA? 

RPA is a software that can be programmed to do repetitive and high-volume tasks performed by humans, across applications. 

Along with Artificial Intelligence, these tasks are completed with higher speed and accuracy.

The outcome will result in cutting down the excessive workload enabling business agility.

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