The main difference between Mircosoft Teams and  Google Meet is that Google Meet has a free tier pricing structure where you can use the tool with a free Gmail account without monthly cost or recurrent expenses.

Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet Breakdown


After the pandemic started, companies started to rely more than ever on video conferencing tools, and they are aware of the importance of having the proper solution. The right software can make or break your business and is often used to communicate with clients, manage remote employees, improve efficiency, save time and money… the list goes on.


One of the most popular solutions for videoconferencing is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams offers an unbeatable user experience with features like chat-based collaboration tools that are easy to use and encourage teamwork; it’s also more secure than other options because it uses Office 365 encryption for all communications between team members. 


It integrates seamlessly with other business apps you might be using, like Skype for Business or SharePoint Online, making it easy to share files and work together on projects. In addition, it’s accessible from any device, so employees can tune in no matter where they are — which encourages participation instead of apathy or missed meetings.


Google Meet is Google’s answer to Microsoft Teams but, how does it compare? And what sets these two video conferencing solutions apart?


One significant difference between the two platforms is their user interface.


Google Meet has a more traditional chat-based interface that looks similar to WhatsApp than other video conferencing software. Its design isn’t built around just business users but anyone who needs collaboration tools (like students). On the other hand, Microsoft Teams’ user experience feels more like a digital workspace with its sleek, intuitive design.


While both platforms are easy to use, Microsoft Teams is more user-friendly because of the streamlined interface and chat features that simplify employees who aren’t familiar with video conferencing tools or even Office 365. So if you’re looking for something easier to navigate than Google Meet—but still allows for collaboration via text messages—Microsoft Teams could be your best bet.


Another main difference between these two business apps is their integrations.


Google Meet integrates seamlessly with other Google Apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc., but currently only includes integration with G Suite accounts (and not personal Gmail). On the contrary, Microsoft Teams offers full compatibility across all devices, including Windows tablets/phones, and can be integrated with various apps and services (including Skype for Business, Yammer, and OneDrive).


Google Meet also has an advantage over Microsoft Teams when it comes to security.


Google’s video conferencing service complies with GDPR, which is important because if your employees are hosting conference calls or meetings outside the US — like in Europe, where many businesses now require their data to stay within national boundaries—you’ll want them using tools that comply.

Microsoft Office 365 offers more security options than G Suite and better compliance solutions, so you’re covered on all fronts no matter who uses this software.


Another significant difference between these two business apps is price.


Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and can only be accessed by people with Office 365 accounts and offers three pricing plans. The first is free but only supports video conferencing for up to 100 participants and a maximum meeting duration of 60 minutes, and chat and collaboration capabilities for up to 500k users. Additionally, organizations interested in accessing additional productivity apps and secure cloud services should consider investing in Microsoft 365 Business Basics at $12.50 per user or Microsoft 365 Business Standard at $12.50 per user per month.


Google Meet is free to use if you have a G Suite account, but otherwise, the Individual version will cost $7.99/month per user. The Enterprise version of G Suite comes with bonus features like unlimited meetings and higher resolution video conferencing capabilities. You will have to contact their sales department to adapt the pricing to the size of your business.


While both platforms are easy to use, Microsoft Teams offers more security options than Google Meet because it complies with GDPR requiring businesses to use European services to store data within national boundaries. 


Also, Teams is more user-friendly than Google Meet because of its sleek design and chat features that make it easy for employees who aren’t familiar with video conferencing tools to use the software—and despite this convenience, teams can also take advantage of its full compatibility across devices and various integrations including Skype for Business and Yammer.


Google’s business app lacks integration support across devices —and doesn’t offer compatibility outside of G Suite users —which gives Microsoft Teams an advantage over its competition when it comes down to ease-of-use and overall design (including chat communication). Although both platforms are similar in price, Office 365 offers better compliance solutions, so you’re covered on all fronts no matter who uses this software.


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