Microsoft Office 2021 is finally launching on October 5th and will be available for both Windows and Mac OS. This new edition of the suite will be available for purchase with a one-time payment or subscription plan option. 

The perpetual license offers per user/per device licensing which requires no subscription fees, unlike earlier releases which required subscriptions in order to unlock additional functionality over time.

The new features in Microsoft Office 2021 are going to make it easier than ever for users to get their work done on whatever device they need with speed and accuracy. 

Some of the new features include an AI-powered automation engine, Dark Mode which applies to all individual apps, real-time collaboration capabilities. It also includes the XLOOKUP function for retrieving string arrays from other ranges or worksheets in a spreadsheet, which will make life much easier when working with large data sets!

Line Focus is another addition that kind of works like TextExpander where you highlight text and then click line focus and type out some options for automatic replacement with relevant information such as phone numbers or addresses.

It will be available on October 5th, the same day Microsoft will officially release Windows 11, and Microsoft has defined detailed pricing for Office 2021: Business users from $5 per month to $20 per month in premium package. 

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