IT expenses can be a major pain point for organizations, especially those with a large number of employees or a significant IT infrastructure. Managing IT expenses requires tracking multiple service providers, contracts, invoices, and payments, all while ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing costs. To help organizations streamline their IT expense management processes, Asignet offers a comprehensive ITEM (IT Expense Management) solution that can automate many of the most time-consuming tasks and reduce errors.  

Automatically Assign Invoices to the Right Cost Center

One of the most challenging aspects of managing Technology expenses is assigning invoices to the right cost center. This can be a time-consuming task that is prone to errors, especially in organizations with complex structures. Asignet’s TEM solution addresses this issue by automatically assigning invoices to the right cost center based on pre-defined rules such as service provider, location, or department. This not only saves time but also reduces errors and ensures that invoices are correctly categorized and allocated. Additionally, Asignet’s TEM provides detailed reports on invoice allocation, allowing organizations to track and evaluate expenses by cost centers. 

Ensure Contract Compliance and Prevent Overcharges

Another common pain for organizations is ensuring contract compliance and preventing overcharges by service providers. Asignet’s Contract Management module helps clients track and monitor contract dates, set reminders for renewals, store all contract documentation in one place, and integrate with other TEM modules for a complete view of telecom expenses related to specific contracts. Asignet’s TEM solution also ensures that service providers comply with contract terms and don’t overcharge. Invoice Management verifies invoices against the contract, identifies and disputes overcharges. Clients receive detailed reports and analytics as evidence in legal disputes. Asignet’s TEM ensures that you only pay for agreed-upon services and also provides you support in disputes. 

Prevent Accidental Invoice Payments 

Asignet’s platform is designed to prevent the payment of invoices before the corresponding billing date. If an invoice is received more than a predefined number of days prior to the billing date, the system will block it to prevent accidental payment. Additionally, the platform verifies that the payment method specified for each invoice is correct and checks that there is sufficient budget available to pay the invoice. These measures help ensure that payments are made accurately and efficiently, while avoiding potential errors or issues with invoice processing. 

Improve Cost Efficiency with Detailed Reports and Analytics 

Asignet’s TEM solution provides detailed reports and analytics that enable organizations to track expenses and optimize costs. These reports can be used to identify areas where spending is higher than expected or where costs can be reduced, allowing organizations to make informed decisions about their spending and improve overall cost efficiency. By providing a complete view of IT expenses (including geolocated reports) and automating many of the most time-consuming tasks, Asignet’s TEM solution can help organizations streamline their processes and reduce costs. 

Asignet’s TEM solution simplifies managing technology expenses. It automates tasks, reduces errors, improves cost efficiency, and streamlines the management process. With features like automatic invoice assignment, contract compliance, and detailed reporting, organizations can focus on their core business activities.