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Telecom Expense Management


New TEM Changes the Game

Align your IT and Telecommunications strategy to your business with our exclusive technology driven by Processes and Automation.

The only technology that gives you full control of the network

Our exclusive technology platform allows you to secure control of your NETWORK, because it integrates automated inventory management with all the invoice information from your suppliers, thereby providing REAL value to the business. Through Asignet’s workflow Driven Technology, wireline TEM can reach the DNA of your infrastructure, each component of your voice and data network, ensuring that the services being paid are working and are correctly configured.

Voice & Data TEM connects IT, people, and services with the business

  • Vendor portal automation
  • Guarantees that bills are properly paid

  • Contract and audit at the service ID level

  • Automated audit and dispute management

  • Automated and binding claims reports to Carriers with errors in billing.

  • Real-time Inventories always updated.

  • AI workflow-driven provisioning

  • Empowers decision making.

  • Integrated Microsoft BI reporting


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