With the cloud-computing industry experiencing significant growth worldwide, the demand for O365 services is rapidly increasing.

As we all know cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet via pay per use fee subscription model.

The integration of enterprise activities with the cloud for Office 365 for all your workflow action will help you drive your business. IT professionals and business users will be empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes, from simple reviews and approvals to complex integration across external applications, cloud services, social media, and data sources.

With Asignet’s cloud services you don’t have to install and maintain expensive hardware or even have to purchase a firewall or malware protection, saving you time and money.

Is your confidential data safe from both internal and external intrusions? Yes, in our case we offer all the guarantees so that your company is the only one that retains the right, ownership, and benefit of the data it stores.

Security is the responsibility of your cloud solutions provider that needs to ensure the most secure solutions are deployed and configured for maximum security while not hindering users’ ability to get their work done.

In fact, Microsoft is the first provider that has adopted the first international cloud privacy standard with which to protect the privacy of the data it holds. The data of any company will always be processed under certain rules:

  • The company is the only one who controls your data.

  • The company will be informed of everything that happens to them.

  • We will provide you with high-security protection for them.

  • Your data will not be used for advertising purposes or for any other purpose.

Another benefit is increased productivity that comes from accessing data storage, email, document sharing, conferencing and office tools all in one place from anywhere there is an Internet connection and on any digital device, resulting in improved collaboration.

By using the Internet as the delivery platform, this service in demand gives our customers the ability to use the software fully managed by our cloud services.

The mismanagement of expenses can cause silos in your IT Department, consequently resulting in disinformation of the use of Microsoft licenses in your company, without the awareness of knowing which ones are unavailable or not being used. This generates uncontrolled billings, high expenses, and a waste of time of employees.

How to control mismanagement of expenses in O365?

With cloud for Office 365, you get access to the network to have full control of which licenses are in use and unavailable.

Also, the combination of automation with IT Service Management significantly reduces work on incident identification, classification, and allocation, while helping IT teams focus on problem resolution and the provisioning through workflows to automate the business process for managing and integrating customers’ assets in one single centralized platform.

Asignet’s cloud helps you to control expenses and to know which services you are hiring. With the use of RPA, you will enable it to rapidly scale its ability to process certain customer requests according to customer demand including chargeback processing, and other back-office processes.

As the Cloud market continues to evolve it will, on one hand, have a significant impact on the way services organizations create and deliver process automation, and on the other will provide enterprises with an alternative to process outsourcing.

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