5 Key Features Every Cloud Expense Management System Must Have

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Cloud computing is the fastest-growing IT budget item, and, in terms of hype and growth, the cloud has overshadowed on-premises IT ever since the launch of commercial IaaS in the mid-2000s. But many organizations have not maximized its’ value because the rewards and risks of the cloud are difficult to balance.Just look at the research [...]

The 5 key trends for TEM Industry in 2019

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Large corporations have been seeking new strategies to control, optimize and drive efficiencies of their IT and communications costs, assets and services. This is a huge challenge because enterprises are looking for TEM vendors to cover cloud application licensing, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service models. As companies [...]

TEM/MMS Data Segregation & Security

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A topic that is never written about but should be one of the most important requirements for global TEM/MMS deployment. No, this is not about where the data is processed this is about who has access to that data based on roles and responsibilities. This means that today’s TEM/MMS platforms must be extremely sophisticated with [...]

Edge Computing and TEM

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The entire TEM industry is speaking about “Technology Expense Management” and they are 100% correct. IT is moving at a frantic pace and “Digital Transformation” is not just a cool marketing buzz word. This transformation is accelerating and TEM needs to evolve managing any type of telecom and IT asset, including network infrastructure, UCaaS, mobile [...]

The Need for ITIL best practices and a connected CMDB for TEM/MMS

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The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which represents a set of best practices for IT service management defines four primary tasks for a CMDB, and according to this, the four major tasks of configuration management are: •    Identification of configuration items to be included in the CMDB (Circuit Inventory, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, HR, LDAP, Locations [...]

The crossroads between IT financial management and TEM/WEM

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It is difficult to meet the real needs of both midsize to large enterprises when both telecom and IT products and services appear to be free or very expensive with no real proof to the business units. These costs run into the trillions “yes trillions” of dollars to operate, and this overall cost is increasing [...]

What is a common task for Robotic Process Automation / Remotely Managing Enterprise Resources?

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Example; of a common task to be automated: Desired State Configuration (DSC) utilizing PowerShell a server provisioning and configuration management technology, allows an administrator to define common settings in a configuration script, which is then applied as many times as needed, whether once or thousands of times, to the same end. There are dozens of PowerShell [...]

Leveraging Rapid Application Development for TEM/WEM

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Leveraging a Rapid Application Development platform allows end-users to rapidly configure the TEM/WEM platform both for application/integration changes and workflow creation. As the business environment evolves in telecom and IT, the only constant is that companies will continue to add software to improve their processes and drive efficiencies. However, with an ever-growing number of standard [...]

Asignet’s Patented TEM solution provides traceability for server management and much more

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The Asignet "Robot” enables the user through a "Wayfast" created workflow to use PowerShell and Remote Desktop protocol embedded scripts to manage remote servers, cloud, and SaaS (IoT) applications. Because PowerShell Web Access provides a connection that is live security is a serious concern. The creation of an active real time CMDB created by the [...]

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