Some of you might be wondering how we can use our tools to reduce costs… Well, there are a couple of factors that come to play in auditing and savings:We keep track of contractual inventory and absolute services, and a key way is that our inventory matches our billing expense management.

This means that these two systems speak to each other and connect automatically. Unlikely other providers that have separate inventory systems and billing systems creating silos in the process.

Having this automatic process connected to each other you can see the full picture: what’s in billing, what is no longer in billing and through the provisioning process we see what should be disconnected and it will be reflected in our billing expense management through a red flag for our invoice processors that shows that something in billing shouldn’t be billed.

All those indicators tell us instantly there is something wrong. Our technology catches errors because of flags and alerts.

Our process segments this way: We have a flaw and you have your inventory and your expense management. Now give me your provisioning and the process is tied together.

TEM and WEM solutions no longer focus exclusively on telecom expenses. Many solutions are addressing technology expenses and the management of data security. With the convergence of telecom and IT and mobile offerings, expansion into IT and security was a natural extension. In turn, the traditional focus of justifying these programs solely on cost savings is too limiting.

Robotic Process Automation

These are key drivers this technology transform business:

Cost reduction: Software robots are typically at least one-third the price of an offshore FTE.

Efficiency: RPA can operate 24X7 without breaks provided the underlying core applications are available.

Accuracy: Human FTEs make data entry mistakes, whereas robots perform the same task the same way every time provided there is no judgment call required while processing transactions.

Improved audit and regulatory compliance: Robots can provide detailed audit logs enabling advanced business analytics and improved compliance.

Ease of change management: Robots preserve application and data integrity by leveraging the existing application presentation layer and re-using existing application logic, databases, and validation without deep understanding and re-engineering.

To sum up: They say there’s nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. And the time for RPA-powered transformation is now.


Asignet technology captures these flaws driven by a process and everything that is not automated, and every issue can be fixed and corrected within five minutes through Wayfast, a solution designed for both IT/telecom and business users to guarantee the full cycle of web applications development and a workflow/BPM product so they can maximize their respective skills.

The Wayfast platform allows Business Users (BU) to create simple or complex solutions in less than 1/10 the time of the traditional application development. Starting from BU requirements, utilizing integrated Scrum Methodology accelerates the analysis phase.

Next a powerful integrated prototype engine, Wayfast allows you to build a functional prototype measured in hours or days, not weeks or months. Once this functional prototype is approved the next step is to convert the prototype into the final web or mobile application, from business need to reality in 1/10th the time.

Based on Wayfast’s patent-pending technology that guarantees every page will consume no more than 10k in bandwidth allows the benefits to continue from development through the deployment of the application.

This technology will reduce the cloud bandwidth required to run these applications, both saving money, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

This way it gives business users tools that enable them to quickly create forms and business workflows without any programming skills. Also, IT staff can enhance this initial process version by adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web app.

Wayfast integrates with any other application either by an SOA interface or a Legacy interface thanks to its Patented Integration Engine (US PAT 7702773), and has a prototyping module that helps the user to rapidly understand their needs.

This tool is simple because you can build your workflows and applications with almost zero lines of code and enables you to customize your workflows and create specific reporting based on your IT & Telecom infrastructure business requirements, guaranteeing accurate and fast process development, 100% definition process traceability, and low implementation costs.

Wayfast enables you to customize your workflows and create specific reporting based on your IT & Telecom infrastructure business requirements

Its powerful prototyping engine allows users to see their needs quickly reflected in the system, thus simplifying the process of understanding and identifying the need.


Security leaders need to update their organization’s threat profile to account for these risks and implement a formal plan for proactively managing them. Otherwise, they risk becoming soft targets for adversaries looking to exploit vulnerable IoT environments to spy, steal data, launch distributed denial of service attacks, escalate privileges and disrupt operations in other ways, analysts say.

The change in technology around billing, inventory, provisioning, and trouble ticketing has been dramatic over the past five years, and this pace will only continue to accelerate. Today’s fixed, mobile, cloud, and SaaS portals deliver a self-services real-time approach.

Asignet proprietary GlassBox technology enables username and password encryption. This technology allows for single sign-on to all your enterprise portals. It also allows our team to work with your data in a “glass box” virtual server that will not allow data to be removed or downloaded.

This technology is 100 percent integrated on Asignet’s patented TEM. MMS and ITAM platform. Please schedule a meeting to see this one of a kind security technology in action.

Huge security risk

As the functionally for self-service IT & Telecom portals advance so does the security risks. The question is, how third-party TEM’S, VAR’S, consultants, and Auditors manage this growing capability.

Not only securing access to usernames and passwords but also access to the content contained within these portals. This access and information in the wrong hands can have catastrophic results.

TEM’S, VAR’S, Consultants, and Auditors must take measures today to secure this information and to keep pace with the advancing portal technology.


About Asignet

Asignet is the technology and automation leader of Telcom & IT Lifecycle Expenses Management utilizing its patented RPA Robot process automation platform. The Asignet platform builds and monitors telecom, SaaS, Cloud, IT billing, inventory, and usage, helping global enterprises to optimize, secure, and manage all IT assets and its expenses.

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