Example; of a common task to be automated:

Desired State Configuration (DSC) utilizing PowerShell a server provisioning and configuration management technology, allows an administrator to define common settings in a configuration script, which is then applied as many times as needed, whether once or thousands of times, to the same end. There are dozens of PowerShell DSC resources to help build a DSC configuration and expose properties that the administrator can configure through RPA.

Practical application

Building a web server is a common task for administrators, and Internet Information Services (IIS) is the typical web server used by many organizations to host websites. Here’s how to apply the DSC / PowerShell automation technology to this ;common IT problem — building an IIS web server multiple times through a workflow and RPA — that will save an organization time and money.

Through the Asignet patented robot / our robot includes a new PowerShell class to run PowerShell automation scripts.

Our Robot enables the user through a wayfast created workflow to use PowerShell and DSC to install IIS. This will allow IT departments to automate and complete repetitive tasks, saving time, money and reducing errors. Server provisioning is a perfect candidate for automation because of the golden image, with the software and configuration settings for that server, remains the same at each new deployment.

This same Robot automation holds true in the provisioning Salesforce licenses, office 365 licenses, iPhone’s or SIP trunks, etc. Our Robot combined with workflow creation, HR / active directory integration, and the expert worker creates the true bridge to TEM/WEM/ITAM.