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Unlock your IT resources by letting Asignet managed services take care

of manage the complete IT Lifecycle Management

Invoice and Contract Management

Free your IT department time outsourcing your IT and Telecom Invoices processing.

Inventory Management

Increase accuracy and optimize Inventory Management with Asignet’s Services.

Order and Provisioning Management

Help Desk for Order and Provisioning Management.

Dispute Management

Minimize risk of Billing Errors, Automate binding claims reports and Track Inconsistencies.

Invoice and Contract Management

We are the next generation TEM. We change the way that companies processes telecom and IT invoices. The traditional method of paper form invoices or manual entry process takes too much time and increases human errors. An optimized Managed Services team using our RPA platform will lead your invoices information into a digital frame.

How? Our Robotic Process Automation collects all digital invoices and store them into our centralized cloud system. These invoices will be automatically processed a validated against Purchase orders and Contracts, and the Managed Services Team will investigate any variation. We will save you money and time with our RPA based Managed Services.

Inventory Management

The importance of having exactness in their Telecom Inventory is real and tangible. It can save your company to expend a lot of money and reduces security risks and avoids mismanagement.

Asignet’s integrated IT asset management solution is based in our RPA platform. It automates discovery & collection of inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the Telecom & IT asset throughout their complete life cycle.

Our platform implements robust processes, with a tool that automates manual processes with a high level of accuracy so you can emphasizes in what’s more important.

Order and Provisioning Management

Our Help Desk is based on a multi-channel platform that allows both technical and non-technical user needs to be met. This incorporates the management of internal change order processes, providers and agents coordination.

Our help desk solution can be accessed through many different sources like self-service portal, calls, emails, chat and then our Agents can execute automated workflow transactions through our patented Robot technology, loging all the request and monitoring all the calls to assure the service level for your organization.

We help you to increase productivity and save money.

Dispute Management

Asignet can help you minimize the risk of billing errors by properly dimensioning your network for your business needs, and we guarantee that bills are properly paid and also notice if exists any discrepancies in monthly reports.

By optimizing your Managed Services you will get more agile and traceable processes that helps uncover billing inconsistencies, eliminates late payment fees and collect credits faster, so as an automated and binding claims reports to Carriers with errors in billing.

Dispute management portal is provide for vendors to manage all the open cases.

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